Music System

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Speakers: 4.0 channels:
Front speakers (see photo at left):  Legacy Focus 20/20. These are big full-range speakers - note the dual 12 inch woofers, and there is a third 12 inch woofer on the back. 55 inches high, 185 pounds each.

Rear speakers:  Monitor Audio Bronze

Disc Player:  Oppo Digital BDP-83 Blu-ray Disc Player w/SACD & DVD-Audio universal player. Connected to the pre-amp via HMDI. No analog outputs are used.

Pre-amp / controller:  Integra DHC 9.9 with Audyssey sound processing .

Amplifier:  Outlaw Audio 7900 7 channel amplifier, 145 pounds. Front speakers are bi-amped (treble and bass).

Television: Sharp, 80", 1920x1080

Cable box:  Spectrum DVR.  Audio connected to the pre-amp via HDMI. Connected to the television via HDMI.

PC Interface:  USB to Peachtree Audio convertor to preamp via digital coax.

Interconnect cables:  Balanced XLR from pre-amp to amplifier.

Speaker cables:  Mains: bi-wired (treble and base) via commercial 4-conductor 12-gauge twisted stranded. Surrounds: 12-gauge twisted stranded standard 2-conductor lamp cord.