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This is a page to display the "Nature Poems" series by my cousin Joan.

Poem PDFs:

Poem: An Illusory Pond
Poem: A Sylvan Nymph
Poem: Mellow Yellow
Poem: New Wonders
Poem: Nectar Divine
Poem: Ode to Turquoise
Poem: A Flamboyance of Flamencos
Poem: Intoxication by Orange Blossoms
Poem: Ode to a Hibiscus
Poem: Earth’s Greatest Friends
Poem: A Flutter of Butterflies
Poem: A Garden in the Early Morn
Poem: Lily of the Valley
Poem: Glory in the Badlands
Poem: Gallinaceous Showoff
Poem: A Camel
Poem: Sea Turtles
Poem: A Twisted Barren Tree
Poem: Nature's Hierarchy
Poem: Race of the Starfish
Poem: Cala Lilies
Poem: Cranes
Poem: Fritillaria
Poem: Migrating Monarchs
Poem: Seasonal Parallax
Poem: A Cordate Heart
Poem: A Sunset Palette
Poem: Teasing Acrobats
Poem: The Sacred Ceiba Tree
Poem: Cholla
Poem: Clydesdales
Poem: Moonflower
Poem: Nudibranches
Poem: Persimmon
Poem: Splendid Arches
Poem: Wintry Lace
Poem: Thoughts of a Baby Kangaroo
Poem: Aussie Hitchhiker

Inline poems:

Sights and Sounds of Twilight

The pre-dusk sun sparkles through fern-like leaves moist from earlier rain. fluffy cumulus clouds float bellies flushed with pink soon to spread beneath the grey nimbus ones promising a good day will follow? Red robins on ridge posts perched trill melodious songs to serenade their spouses. sparrows chatter in bushes twittering excitedly sharing their daily news. with all cloistered clan, while biding the day farewell. Fluttering poplars form soft silhouettes against a pinkish sky. blossom-laden lilacs gently filter the air; their softly scented sprays glisten in the ebbing sun until they finally begin to fade. Frothy milkweed pods flutter amid the twilight air seeking a place to alight. swallows swoop through the sky preying on insects below as shadows slowly lengthen and the darkness deepens as night cautiously encroaches.

Joan Rooney Ⓒ March 2016

After an Ice Storm

Beautiful shapes an ice storm sculpts; nature now, as always, in flux, turns snow to ice crusts and roofs implode. Tree trunks shimmer with a patina of snow their ice-coated twigs creating patterns of veins agleam against the sun. Snow-capped roofs become pockmarked by floating flocculent slush as wet snow falls from trees above. Melting ice from trees and icicles drips steadily through the moist air pitting the snow-covered ground below.

Joan Rooney Ⓒ February 2017

The Western Wall

Multi layers of finely-chiselled Herodian stones form a monolithic wall that beckons all Jews. Upon it rests forever the presence of God and upon it the Messiah will someday return. Solemn men enter by a wide set of ropes, some in black shtreimels and betiskes with untrimmed beards and flowing side locks, others wear western dress, but all wail and keen. We enter the narrower path set aside for women, where bowing, we beg for peace in the Middle East, hastily scribble prayers to insert into the creviced wall, before departing backward with reverent awe.

Joan Rooney Ⓒ March 2016